Forum of the Igman Initiative in Podgorica. On June 26, 2019, the Initiative for Regional Cooperation, the founding organization of the Igman Initiative in Montenegro, organized a conference on the topic of stabilocracy and the rule of law in the region.

The panelists were the co-heads of the Igman Initiative: Zoran Pusic, Vehid Sehic, Aleksandar Popov and Branko Lukovac. Within the aforementioned topic, each of the co-authors spoke on the state of their country in regards to the given topic, and also how does their country’s situation reflect on the relations with other countries in the region. The general conclusion from the meeting was that the internal situation in each country reflects the relations with other countries of the region and therefore, the overall situation in the region which is not at an enviable level. Instead of high-level meetings within different regional initiatives, more attention should be paid to bilateral meetings that should be dedicated to solving the remaining open issues that burden mutual relations and that also contribute to the overall poor situation in region. 

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