Aside from numerous remaining issues between the countries signatories to the Dayton Agreement, which represent a constant hindrance to the development of regional cooperation in the areas that are of great importance to citizens, the EU integration process brings new challenges to the Western Balkan region at large. More than ever before the civic sector needs to develop into a reliable partner and contributor in the processes of institution building, harmonization of legislation and implementation of key policies and strategies within the EU agenda. For that reason the Igman Initiative has been consistently working on steering regional cooperation towards development of institutional mechanism which will facilitate social and economic developments in the Western Balkans, unencumbered by political interests and much closer to the view of the citizens. To that end, after 15 years of intensive work in the turbulent and ever changing context, Igman Initiative mission and values are still relevant and much needed.

The mission of the Igman Initiative is to promote and facilitate regional cooperation among the countries signatories to the Dayton Agreement and to influence their governments to resolve key issues relating to the citizens of the four countries.