Igman Initiative Co-presidents Met with Officials of Nordic Council

In a study visit to Copenhagen on August 24th 2011, delegation of Igman Initiative visited the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Members of the delegation were: Aleksandar Popov, co-president of Igman Initiative in Serbia, Zoran Pusic, co-president of Igman Initiative in Croatia, Tomislav Jakic, member of the Croatian Igman Initiative management team, Vehid Sehic, co-president of  Igman Initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Branko Lukovac, co-president of Igman Initiative in Montenegro.

During the visit to the Nordic Council headquarters, representatives of Igman Initiative got the opportunity to meet with Jan-Erik Enestam, Secretary General of the Nordic Council, as well as with Halldor Asgrimsson, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers. After the presentation of the Nordic Council, Mr. Enestam expressed readiness to send his representative to the 22nd Igman Initiative session which isto be held on October 14th in Belgrade. Intent to invite Igman Initiative representatives to observe Nordic Council sessions was also expressed.

Mr. Halldor Asgrimsson proposed making a formal agreement on regional cooperations,  therefore potential elements of such an agreement were discussed. In addition to that, he offered suggestions related to regional cooperation between four signatory countries of the Dayton Agreement, along with concrete suggestions for cooperation with Nordic countries, above all in the field of culture and education. Kenneth Broman, Cabinet Chief and Johan Lindblad, Senior Advisor to the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers also took part in these talks.

Members of the delegation were also welcomed by Ms Karen Bue, Director of the Nordic Fund for Culture, in charge of cross-border issues, budget and communications. During the meetings, members of Igman Initiative delegation were introduced to these institutions. Interest and possibilities of transfer of experiences from the Nordic model of cooperation to Igman Initiativecountries were also discussed, along with related cooperation that may take place in the following period. Ms Karen Bue proposed some ideas for potential cooperation, in the form of a Balkan-Nordic cooperation in field of culture and arts, which could be financed by the Nordic Culture Fund.

Nordic model of cooperation will be presented on the 22nd Igman Initiative session, which will take place in Belgrade on October 14th , with participation of Chiefs of the four countries and Mr. Stefan Fule, EU Enlargement Commissioner. On that occasion, program focused on application of Nordic cooperation model on signatory countries of the Dayton Agreement will be devised.