Živorad Kovačević (1930 – 2011)

Živorad KovačevićOn March 23rd 2011, Zivorad Kovacevic, longtime friend and associate of the Center for Regionalism, passed away in Belgrade. In his lifetime, he held following functions within the Center for Regionalism and regional networks co-founded by the Center for Regionalism:

– Member of the Board of the Center for Regionalism
– Chairman of the Igman Initiative Board
– President of the Association of Multiethnic Cities of Southeast Europe PHILIA
– Co-president of the Albanian-Serbian Civil Dialogue

Zivorad Kovacevic’s death is an irrecoverable loss for all associates and friends of the Center for Regionalism, Igman Initiative, PHILIA and Civil Dialogue.

COMMEMORATIVE SPEECH FOR ZIVORAD KOVACEVIC – Aleksandar Popov, co-president of Igman Initiative in Serbia

BUILDER OF IGMAN BRIDGES – In memoriam – Danas 26.3.2011.