XV Session of Igman Initiatives

Open Questions That Require Answers Among Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia

March 18, 2007. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 15th  session of Igman Initiative which was held on March  18th in Sarajevo, it was agreed on forming expert group whish will work on project OPEN QUESTIONS THAT REQUIRE ANSWERS AMONG BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, MONTENEGRO, CROATIA AND SERBIA”. The work of this group of expertise will be in continuity with previous and current engagement of Igman Initiative on expert basis that through concrete solution proposals  for open questions contribute to faster normalization of their relations, among countries of Dayton Agreement. Expert  group which members were: Zivorad Kovacevic, Zlatko Dizdarevic, Zoran Pusic and Branko Lukovac, was dealing in first phase of their work with question of definition of mutual borders and open problems in this area (border between Serbia and Croatia on Danube, border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on Drina river, near Janja, Neum). In the work of expert group with highlighting open questions in this area, there were suggested also concrete solutions for overcoming the same. These solutions are based on International law as well as on the experiences of other countries in resolving the same problems. The basic conclusion of expert group is that defining mutual borders is very often unnecessary politicized because of certain interests, but it is most often only about technical questions that can be easily solved through bilateral agreements. Good example of this approach is agreement of Montenegrian and Croatian government about solving the Prevlaka issue.