In addition to the tragic consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic, some cities in Croatia have been hit by a series of earthquakes this year. The worst, which happened on December 29 in Petrinja, Glina and Sisak, caused human casualties and large-scale destruction, and on that occasion, the Igman Initiative expresses regret and its deepest condolences to the families of the victims. Many families were left without their homes, and it will take a lot of time and material resources to repair the damage. The region in which we live is our common home and the problems of our neighbors should also be our problems, because you never know when someone will have to run to someone’s aid. That is why we call on all countries in the region to show full solidarity in repairing the consequences of the disaster that hit certain parts of Croatia, thus showing us and others that there is far more that binds and points to each other than what divides and opposes us. In previous cases of natural disasters, we had the opportunity to see such examples of solidarity, so we expect such solidarity on this occasion as well.

Having in mind the lessons learned from the tragic consequences of the floods that hit some countries in the region in May 2014, we call on the governments of our countries to activate existing bilateral agreements on protection against natural and civil disasters and to form a joint body to act in such situations.

Co-Presidents of the Igman Initiative:

Vehid Sehic for BiH

Branislav Radulovic for Montenegro

Eugen Jakovcic for Croatia

Milan Antonijevic for Serbia