Representatives of Igman initiative with Siniša Bjeković,
Protector of Citizens in Montenegro

On September 30, 2020, the twentieth anniversary of the Igman Initiative was solemnly marked in Podgorica with a series of activities. On the occasion of this jubilee, Branislav Radulovic, co-president of the Igman Initiative for Montenegro and Aleksandar Popov, president of the Igman Initiative Council for Serbia, had a fifteen-minute guest appearance in the morning on the Montenegrin public service RTCG followed by a one-hour appearance on Radio Montenegro which also included Branko Lukovac, president of the Igman Initiative Council and Vehid Sehic, Co-President of the Igman Initiative for Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

On the occasion of this jubilee, the Igman delegation was received by Aleksa Becic, President of the Parliament of Montenegro, who, congratulating the jubilee, emphasized the importance of the role of the Igman Initiative and other civil society organizations in overcoming the recent past and renewing cooperation between the Dayton signatories. Their role is also immeasurable in the efforts to face the past, which the new ruling majority considers as one of its priorities – he emphasized. He also pointed out that the first task of the new government will be to overcome the existing divisions in Montenegrin society. After Aleksandar Popov handed him the book “TWO DECADE LONG MARCH”, which he wrote on the occasion of the jubilee of the Igman Initiative, Becic wished it a successful promotion, which was scheduled to take place in the evening of that day.

The delegation of the Igman Initiative was also received by Ombudsman Sinisa Bjekovic, who emphasized that the activities of the Igman Initiative are a significant contribution to improving relations between the countries of the region because, in the still tense Balkan areas of fragile democracy, it is necessary to strengthen understanding, respect and civic values. Ombudsman Bjekovic expressed respect for the perseverance and commitment of the Igman Initiative in promoting the values ​​of democracy, rule of law, coexistence and tolerance, as well as for contributing to facing the past, understanding it and bringing it closer to younger generations.

As part of the celebration of the jubilee anniversary, a meeting of the leadership of the Igman Initiative was held, at which a Declaration was adopted on the occasion of its jubilee anniversary, which, among other things, states:

“After two decades of action and significant results achieved by the European Union, the mission of the Igman Initiative is not over, because there are still active policies and forces in the Western Balkans that oppose the processes of mutual respect, understanding, regional cooperation and the necessary progress of individual countries in the region in the process of European integration and their internal construction on the principles of civic values ​​and the rule of law has not been achieved. “

The end of the celebration of the jubilee of the Igman Initiative in Podgorica was marked by the promotion of the book “TWO DECADE LONG MARCH” by Aleksandar Popov, President of the Council of the Igman Initiative for Serbia. Branko Lukovac, President of the Council of the Igman Initiative, Igor Luksic, former Prime Minister of Montenegro, and Ramo Bralic, participant in the “anti-war Igman march of intellectuals“ from Serbia and Montenegro in April 1995, also spoke about the book at the promotion. Besides that, the book was  promoted during in a half-hour TV7 broadcast, during which the author presented the content of the book to the viewers. The link to watch the show is: