publikacijaAt the very beginning of this year the Igman Initiative started with the implementation of the
project Integrating Roma interests to the Sarajevo Housing Process supported by the
Foundation Open Society Institute. Within the framework of the project the expert team
worked on mapping and documenting Roma refugees, determining their housing needs as
well as drafting recommendations for finding housing solutions within the RHP. After a
comparative analysis of the documents obtained from government bodies and data obtained
from Roma rights organizations, and after the outlining of independent expert reports on state
of affairs in this area the Igman Initiative organized round-tables in all four countries in order
to support the authorities in their efforts to permanently resolve housing issues of Roma
refugee. During the months of September and October the leadership of the Igman Initiative
met with the representatives of competent government bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia as part of lobbying campaign to ensure that special attention
is provided to Roma refugees within the Regional Housing Programme, considering that they
are the most vulnerable group. They also lobbied for the adoption of the expert team
recommendations aimed at securing equal position of Roma refugees in relation to other
citizens with the same status in the framework of implementation of the Regional Housing
Program. In the second half of 2014 the experts of the Igman Initiative provided free legal aid
and assistance in obtaining documents to Roma refugees.

Download publication – Integrating Roma Interest into the Sarajevo Housing Process