Lobby and Public Advocacy Campaign on Free Movement of Labor Force between the Countries of the Dayton Quadrangle

1During the month of September and October of 2014 the Igman Initiative organized lobby and public advocacy campaign, in the countries signatories of the Dayton Agreement, within the framework of the project Free Movement of Labor Force between the Countries Signatories of the Dayton Agreement Using the Experiences of the Nordic Model of Cooperation supported by Danish Embassy in Belgrade.

As part of lobby and public advocacy campaign the leaders of the Igman Initiative met with the high officials of competent ministries and parliamentary committees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia. The purpose of the campaign was adoption of the Igman Initiative expert team recommendations aimed at creating the conditions for adaptable and efficient labor market, enhanced commerce between business entities, improved position of workers as well as better accessibility to core labor and social security protection.

The key recommendations of the expert team can be summarized as follows:


Recommendations of the Igman Initiative expert team receive positive response from high ranking officials from the four countries while they expressed their hopes that the efforts of the Igman Initiative will result in harmonization of national legislation and conclusion of bilateral agreements enabling free movement of labor force between the four countries, as it is in the best interest of their citizens. As a result of the campaign thematic session will be organized on November 28th 2014 in Podgorica with attendance from the representatives of competent ministries as well as chairmen of parliamentary committees from all four countries.