White Paper on Citizens’ property and status issues in countries signatory of the Dayton Agreement, resulted from disintegration of Yugoslavia, with recommendations for solutions included

In the framework of the Igman Initiative’s further strategy, program for the following period includes a number of important activities related to finding permanent solutions for citizens’ property and status issues in countries signatory to the Dayton Agreement.


This project is being implemented in the midst of significant ongoing regional initiatives aimed at finding permanent solutions for citizens of the signatory countries of Dayton Agreement, who were victims of gravest and widespread forms of violation of human rights, in particular refugees and displaced persons. Upon the initiative launched by European Commission, OSCE and UNHCR, the representatives of countries in this region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, have adopted the Sarajevo Declaration in January 2005, and took on an obligation to facilitate the return and local integration of refugees and displaced persons in their countries through joint activities and mutual cooperation. However, in spite of additional incentives and initiatives from the international community, not much progress was made in implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration, which had aimed to finalize the process of return of refugees in the region by the end of 2006.

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