XVIII Session of Igman Initiative

Igman Initiative for Regional Summit Meeting

February 29, 2008. Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The 18th session of Igman InitiativeTUZLA, February 29th 2008. – Igman Initiative has appealed to the Presidents of countries in the region to organize a summit meeting, together with representatives of this movement of NGOs, in order to overcome the crisis in the region.

During the Igman Initiative session in Tuzla, this kind of summit meeting was seen as a “real impetus to the continuation of cooperation process and reinforcement of security and peace in the region”

Igman Initiative hopes that “answer to the Kosovo crisis will not be sought with violent methods, nor with measures that may lead this country toward permanent isolation”.

Members of this movement of NGOs also concluded that crisis in the region has begun late last year within Bosnia and Herzegovina and that it was  additionally deepened by the situation created after the one-sided proclamation of independence by Kosovo.

Members of Igman Initiative have requested countries in the region to “help Serbia to come out of present situation by maintaining restrained attitude and carefully weighed behavior”.

The 18th session of Igman InitiativeIgman Initiative, a movement of over a hundred NGOs in this region, organized its 18th session in Tuzla, yesterday and today, dedicated to the process of transition in the region.

During this session, there were presentations of researches about transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia, as well as talks about political, economic and social aspects of transition.

Igman Initiative is a movement that advocates complete normalization of relations between these four countries of this region.